Private Consulting

Ryan occasionally accepts clients
for private consulting.

Telephone Consulting

Price: CAD $400 / hour
rounding up to 15 minute increments,
payable in advance.

send in your questions by email,
before the consultation
so Ryan can think about your issue
before speaking with you.

In-Person Consulting

Typically, in Toronto Ontario, on two consecutive days,
for a total of about five hours.

Price: CAD $1,500 payable in advance.

Ryan does not provide market-specific trading suggestions or
parameter-specific system recommendations.

Consulting does not confer any subsequent right
for you to imply any kind of endorsement by Ryan
of you or any of your operations.

Ryan does not have a license to practice therapy.

He offers general counseling
about issues the client presents.

Ryan makes no guarantees about any kind of result.

To apply for private consulting,
send a description of what you wish to accomplish
to Ryan at: